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Earn Rs 97,65,500

By this scheme in 5 to 18 weeks , This is very sensational Goods news for u as we are providing you a chance in Ur life to become a rich , This is concern with those whose monthly income is less and based on salary . and they are hand to mouth


In the world wherever is post office the system works so confidentially that every body astonish . Please Read this Scheme procedure up to the end carefully which is called Lucky path by which u will elaborate your luck by joys and you will start receiving you bonus/profit as soon as you sold out Ur Ist membership Form in the mean time you step forward towards Your Bright Future

Lucky Path

Every body wants to be come rich but its very difficult for every body
by visiting our website luckily u got the chance to improve Ur future
 and living standard

Become Rich Without any Hesitation

We will guide u a path by which u can also earn 97 lakhs within 5 to 18 weeks without any further investment , Lucy path is a not like a lottery , raffle ticket . But this is a magical process which will eliminate your future . Who take part in Scheme

Scheme Procedure

Lets we share the information by which you joy your life ,
Ist of all to earn 97 lakhs its essential that you may have
Rs 1000 which will be distributed as Follows -:

1-:You purchase this membership form a member Which is
on no 1 position in Membership form .

2-: Now will send Rs /100 money order/postal order to no 1 to no 7 position on membership form if the this facility does not exit in your are that send Rs 100+700 to global Star for onward submission to previous members from Ur side .

3;Send Rs /100 as a registration Fee to global star by money order with form and write down your Name, Address , Postal Code , Mobile.No In Column No 8 in capital letters by registered post to PO BOX NO 228 GPO Multan

4-As soon as ur registry received you will be sent 5 membership forms to you now you will on no.1 have to sold out these forms to 5 members (Rs200 x 5 =1000) the money you previously spent received by selling forms after this u will not spend any money u will start getting your profit up to Rs / 97 .65,500 with in the period of 5 to 18 weeks now you just sit back relax and enjoy

Important Request 

This scheme is depend upon your members interest if they all work hard and keep sending money orders to members definitely you get your profit Global Star will not Held responsible for failure of your members because amount you spent (Rs/1000) which is recovered by you by selling 5 forms and bonus will u get until your member works efficiently

Although u purchased membership form from a members or global star by paying net amount , Now u will act upon on following points which are as under -:

a-: Send Rs/100 money orders to member no 1 to 7 as per membership form listing and counter slip and money order recviept to global star as a proof as ur expenses are Rs 100 x 7 = 700

b-: Rs 100 money order in favour of global star as a registration fee
c-: on Membership form in column No .8 write down Ur name , address, Mobile.No, Postal Code in block capital letters and send this dully filled forms to global star by registered post with following proof s

1-:counter slips are money order receipt send to money orders to to no .7

2.-: Registration fee original receipt .

3. as soon as your registry will received global star will send you 5 membership forms to you on which your position on no 1 now u will act as follow.

you will receive your Ist installment Rs 100x 5 =500 and your name will become on No.1 Position in membership form your 5 members will also send money orders to 5 members and you will get bonus as per details as unders-:

Position    Members       money      Total Earning

7                781250          100            7812500
6                156250          100            1562500
5                3125              100            312500
4                625                100            62500
3                125                100            12500
2                25                  100            2500
1                5                    100            500
Total                                               Rs-: 97,65,500

Hopefully you understand the procedure Inshallah You will get this amount because everybody have friends and relatives among those you required only 5 members and you will eliminate you bright future as will as your friends

Feel free to contact us at iqbalasif 

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